Scooter’s Global Trek: Connemara to the World

How #ScooterGoesGlobal Began

A Penguin’s Heartwarming Journey from Connemara to the World!

Have you met our Scooter yet? 🐧 Our charming penguin decoration from Connemara, whose adventures have captured hearts globally. Here is the story of how our little guy started his global journey and we followed it with #ScooterGoesGlobal

#ScooterGoesGlobal Connemara Blue's Scooter penguin gazing out the window, dreaming of being travel-bound to Provence. France.
Claddaghduff National School in Clifden, where the winners of the Connemara Blue Scooter contest were announced, showcasing the school's modern architecture and playground against a backdrop of the vast Connemara landscape.

Once upon a time in Connemara, our little penguin decoration, Scooter, waddled into existence in March 2023. He quickly became a sensation, capturing hearts and sparking joy in our local community.

As summer rolled around, Claddaghduff National School decided to spread the Scooter love. They awarded a Scooter to four lucky children. The excitement was palpable!

Scooter’s French Vacation

Connemara Blue's Scooter penguin in front of an airplane safety card, ready for a global adventure.
Connemara Blue's Scooter penguin by a majestic elephant statue at a Provence market..

During his French escapade, Scooter posed for some truly amazing photos, each one more enchanting than the last. These snapshots of Scooter’s adventures made their way to us at Connemara Blue. We were smitten with the idea of sharing them on our social media.

The Power of a Hashtag

Now, you might be wondering, what’s in a hashtag? Well, a whole lot, actually! We wanted a snazzy, catchy hashtag to go with Scooter’s globetrotting charm and we knew Scooter’s charm needed a global stage. So, we turned to our trusty friend, ChatGPT, for some creative inspiration. And that’s when the magic happened! #ScooterGoesGlobal was born, and the adventure began.

Connemara Blue's Scooter penguin enjoying a sunny day at a cafe with Orangina in Provence, France.
connemara blue scooter carousel horses provence holiday france

Global Participation

With Laura’s incredible photos leading the way, we kickstarted the #scootergoesglobal phenomenon. We invited our amazing customers, followers, and friends to join in the fun. Their mission? To take Scooter on a journey, snapping photos of him against backdrops from every corner of the globe and tagging their locations.

And guess what? #scootergoesglobal took flight like a penguin on a mission! People from all over the world embraced the spirit of adventure and joined our delightful expedition. From exotic beaches to snowy mountains, Scooter was there, spreading happiness and capturing hearts.

Connemara Blue's Scooter penguin next to a rustic wine barrel in a sunny Provence garden.
connemara blue scooter giant teddy bear provence france

Now You Know

So, there you have it, the story of how #scootergoesglobal became a worldwide sensation. It’s a testament to the power of fun, art, and a touch of creativity. Join us on this colourful journey and let Scooter bring a smile to your day, wherever you are in the world. 🌍🐧❤️

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