Scooter the Adorable Penguin is Born

Scooter is Born!

The glassy penguin who stole our hearts!

Hey there, Scooternauts! 🐧 Today, we’re going on a nostalgic journey back in time to discover how our gorgeous glass penguin, Scooter, made his debut. Yes, we are spilling the beans on how Scooter and #ScooterGoesGlobal came to be – trust us, you won’t want to miss it!

Scooter the glass penguin is pictured on a flight in business class
Scooter the Penguin decoration surrounded by gold dust

Picture the Scene

It’s March 2023 in Clifden, Connemara – a time of artistic exploration.

Drum roll…. Cue the Penguin! 🐧

Throughout 2022, we heard the pleas for a penguin decoration. It turns out, the world is head over heels for these waddling marvels. So, we thought, let’s whip up one just in time for the new season.

Crafting the Perfect Penguin

Crafting the perfect penguin, though, was a rollercoaster. It took a parade of prototypes to hit the sweet spot. Our aim? Infuse it with cuteness, fun, and broad appeal. After a whirlwind of adjustments and experiments, we struck pure penguin gold!

Scooter the glass penguin decoration hangs by the fireside in front of candles ready for his Christmas photo
Fused glass penguin decoration on a beach with a sunset

The Name Game

But then came the epic moment of naming our glassy amigo. Everyone deserves a name, right? We turned to social media and launched a naming campaign with your support.

The response was penguintastic, and we shortlisted three names:
Howard, Scooter, and Tubridy.

The AI Twist

We all know the result of the vote. Scooter won by a landslide!

But wait, it gets even juicier! The revelation of Scooter’s AI-assisted name shook things up after the public vote. Emer, the mastermind behind “Scooter,” spilled the beans – she turned to ChatGPT for name suggestions. A mind-blowing twist, wouldn’t you agree?

Scooter the glass penguin decoration hangs by the fireside in front of candles ready for his Christmas photo


This adventure got us buzzing about AI’s potential. We flung our flippers fully into the world of ChatGPT, uncovering its power to enhance our marketing and jazz up our website with product descriptions and witty one-liners.

Scooter the Heart Stealer

Scooter quickly became a cherished member of our creative family, spreading joy to our customers and us here at the workshop. And guess what? This blog is just the beginning.

Brace yourselves for more tales from the world of Scooter, the penguin that stole our hearts.

scooter steals hearts
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