‘Wild Atlantic Waves’ – Freestanding Fused Glass Panel

‘Wild Atlantic Waves’ – Freestanding Fused Glass Panel


Love the fused glass Wild Atlantic Waves wall panel design but looking for something a little smaller that’s simple to ship and a wee bit easier on the pocket? We have the ideal solution for you, new this spring! Welcome our freestanding Wild Atlantic Waves panel that comes complete with its own stand. Based around the original wall panel design, this more compact beauty featuring the classic Galway Hooker, can be placed anywhere in the home without the need for drilling or any DIY at all. Problem solved!

Please note that elements will vary (such as the placement of the Hooker and size of the rocky headland)
Size: 12cm x 22cm approx


Available for PRE-ORDER. This item may take 2-3 weeks to create.

A freestanding glass panel featuring a Galway Hooker Boat

Available in a slightly different design, without the headland in the background.

Weight1001 g
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