‘A Smack of Jellyfish’ – Fused Glass Bowl

‘A Smack of Jellyfish’ – Fused Glass Bowl


This unique bright turquoise fused glass bowl depicts a smack of jellyfish made out of iridescent glass and copper wire. The number and positioning of the elements (eg jellyfish) will vary.

Size: 40cm diameter (approx)
Food safe
Dishwasher not advised


Available for PRE-ORDER. This item may take 2-3 weeks to create.

Yes, a group of jellyfish is really called a smack! And yes, this bowl is a totally unique and real statement piece for any home. Just pop in a bright spot, stand back, and admire. Spot how the iridescent jellyfish appear to change colour, depending on the angle of the light. And notice how the turquoise base glass takes on different hues depending on the surface on which it is placed. Intriguing!

Weight5000 g
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