‘Scooty McPorter’ – Fused Glass Penguin Decoration

‘Scooty McPorter’ – Fused Glass Penguin Decoration


Bring a bit of Irish cheer to your home with Scooty McPorter, the adorable fused glass penguin holding a pint of beer! This handcrafted decoration is the perfect gift for any penguin lover or fan of all things Irish.
Size: 7cm x 11cm approx depending on wing span!


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This sprightly penguin’s hopped off the shamrock and into your heart (or shopping cart) with a thirst for fun and a pint of Porter in his flipper. This handcrafted fused glass decoration is the perfect way to add a touch of Irish cheer to your home, office, or wherever your adventures take you!

Scooty McPorter is:

  • As charming as a leprechaun’s grin: Handcrafted from top-notch fused glass, this little penguin will bring a smile to anyone’s face.
  • Guaranteed to raise a smile (and maybe an eyebrow): Who knew penguins enjoyed a good pint? Scooty McPorter might be the most delightfully unexpected guest you ever invite into your home.
  • Easy to keep happy (unlike a real pet!): No need to worry about fish or leaky aquariums. Just a quick wipe with a damp cloth will keep Scooty sparkling.

So ditch the dreary and say “Sláinte!” to a bit of the craic with Scooty McPorter, the perfect fused glass gift with a touch of penguin family fun!

P.S. He’s also about 7 cms tall (give or take a lucky clover) and comes with a handy hanging loop for easy display. Looking for more unique fused glass gifts? Explore our collection and find a piece of handcrafted charm for yourself or a loved one!

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