‘Mannin Bay Sunset’ – Fused Glass Suncatcher

‘Mannin Bay Sunset’ – Fused Glass Suncatcher


This little fused glass suncatcher was inspired by many an evening stroll beside the sea at Mannin Bay, near Ballyconneely, Connemara.

Size: 15cm x 6cm approx
Number/distribution of elements (e.g. sheep/birds) may vary
For each purchase of a ‘Mannin Bay Sunset’ Suncatcher, we make a donation to the Renvyle Cat & Dog Rescue Centre


Availability: 5 in stock (can be backordered)

The beach there is of finely ground coral, formed by the tide washing ashore of countless centuries.

The coral strand imparts a unique, deep turquoise colour to the shallow tide. The scene we have depicted is of the sheep grazing lazily in the evening glow, while gulls wheel and call overhead. As the sun sinks lower, so all becomes quiet and the flocks settle for the approaching night. Handmade by Connemara Blue.

PS. We thought you might like to read the following poem. It was written over 20 years ago by Clifden’s own folk poet, John Dunne, who loves Mannin Bay as much as we do.

Mannin Moon by John Dunne

I came, I saw, I liked you, Mannin Moon.
How long ago was it? Yesterday perhaps – who knows?
Does it matter – such scenes are timeless
But forever remain in one’s heart

I saw you, Mannin Moon, oh yes
I saw you – your light so bright
Shining on calm Mannin waters,
It was mirror-like and distant.
I watched in awe, mine eyes dared not stray from such beauty.

Were I an artist, I would paint you, Mannin Moon,
Yes, paint and capture you for all time!
But alas I am only mortal – the gods have decreed it so.

Oh, Mannin Moon, I like you very much.
Those white-walled houses on your shoreline
Stand out so strong.
Please stay, Mannin Moon.
Stay forever.

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