‘Late for Mass’ – Fused Glass Wall Panel

‘Late for Mass’ – Fused Glass Wall Panel


There are several reasons why this stunning glass panel is called ‘Late for Mass’. Can you spot them? Take a closer look at the details – the windows, the sheep, the birds, the church clocks. Worked it out? Fun, isn’t it? What a fabulous way to take home a piece of Connemara. Wall mounts and instructions are supplied.

Size: 60cm x 15cm approx
Elements will vary (such as the number and placement of sheep)


Availability: Available for PRE-ORDER. This item may take 2-3 weeks to create.

More about the Piece:

Apart from rolling green fields and the stone wall, the panel also features the colourful, little thin houses so often found in Connemara’s seaside villages, as well as a Galway Hooker sailing boat. The Hooker, characterised by its single mast and three deep red sails, was the traditional working boat of Galway and Connemara. It transported people, livestock, turf and supplies to, from and between the islands. Of late, the Hooker is experiencing a revival, and superbly renovated examples are frequently seen taking part in regattas here.


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