‘Infinity’ – Fused Glass Bowl

‘Infinity’ – Fused Glass Bowl


May we present ‘Infinity’ to you! This beautiful and truly unique fused glass bowl with elements of a streaky blue base combined with iridescent rainbow colours, will be sure to grab the attention of anyone who spots it. Place it where the sun can capture the various surface hues, and you will see something different every time you look. A guaranteed showstopper! (Please note that the distribution of the colours will vary).

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Size: 38cm diameter (approx)

Food safe

Dishwasher not advised


Availability: 1 in stock (can be backordered)

When the bowl pictured came out of the kiln for the second time, we were blown away. So much so that we struggled to come up with a suitable name that would do justice to the fabulous piece. Determined to find the perfect name, we turned to social media for help. There were so many brilliant ideas to choose from (with one extremely witty ‘Aurora Bowlrealis’), we found it very difficult to settle on one. However, when ‘Infinity Bowl’ was suggested by Suzie, we just knew we had hit the jackpot. We are sure you will agree that ‘Infinity’ captures the flowing, seamless and endless essence of the bowl’s constituent elements. Thank you Suzie!


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